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ROBIONICS: Software Technology at the cutting Edge

Providing the capability to eliminate the human intuition or involvement for dealing with unknown future Performances, sale by making accurate predictions from gaining knowledge from past data, medical offering greater “reliability, analysis and prediction”.

In a changing environment by providing the ability to learn and adapt to changes, the normal approaches can not foresee and provide solutions for all possible situations But ROBIONICS can.

Our Technology uses specific aspects of Software Engineering by specializing in Intelligent Adaptive systems incorporating Machine Learning techniques.
With activities in the interlocking domains of Specialist Computing, Informatics, Computational Intelligence technology and Research Co-operation in conjunction with other bodies, it is closing in on the market leaders in this field.

The underlying philosophy that directs us to push ahead with our innovations is the company’s belief that the resulting applications will be “life enhancing” and are not merely the achievement of excellence.

Over the years, Robionics has become a company that offers the solutions, applications and technology ahead of its time.

At the heart of the company’s growth plan is its desire to find new ways in accessing technology of the future.”

Applications : credit, fraud detection, stock market, optimization, medical diagnosis…etc.

ML allows when running a computer program to induce a model by using training data, past experience.
ML uses statistical theory when building computational models to make inferences from a sample. to induce the model by processing the huge amount of data and to represent the model and making inferences efficiently.

Our specific Technology:

  • Can learn both from extremely little/corrupted or massive huge available data
  • Offer unparalleled flexibility in dealing with evolving input such as intrusion detection systems and Spam e-mail filtering.
  • Guard ML algo against target of attack by a malicious adversary.

ROBIONICS has developed variety of defenses against these attacks via analytical models giving a lower bound on attacker’s work function. (e.g. adaptive Spam filter, malicious noise, Deception games, anomaly detection in network intrusion detection, Sensitivity Attack Analysis, Detecting viral propagation using email behavior profiles).


Software Development

We take pride for our customers in developing new generation of artificial intelligence based applications and software systems that can self improve and learn on their own.

Robotics and Automation

Robot learning is one of the most interesting and difficult machine learning problems.

Machine Vision

Machine Learning represents the next challenging frontier for computer vision. It provides the necessary tools for synthesising vision algorithms starting from adaptation of control parameters of the algorithms and systems.

Simulation Systems

Building advanced simulation systems to help you visualise, test and achieve your ideal solutions and by putting in place specific optimisation techniques to work along with your system’s processes to ensure your satisfaction with the results.

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